• Sujaya Montessori House of children has been good experience. Children were given positive,good learning environment. The teachers were provided respectful & safe environment. My daughter's ability to concentrate,since of independence,involving in many other activities like drawing participation has gone beyond exception. Thanks to teachers to make my daughter what she has today.

    Thanks madam, thanks a lot.
    Child Name : Namrata (Mont 3)

  • Sujay Montessori house of children is a heaven,since pupil will adapt the new environment very quickly. I think it is because of the activities they are doing. There is no differentiation within the pupils, all of them are treated equally.

    I really had a doubt about my daughter whether she can adopt new culture, environment but now we are happy. She is very interested to go school every day,she's started speaking Kannada bigger surprise for us.

    Another important point is the celebration of festivals, birth days,etc. Which gives them good feeling. I am sure every pupil will succeed in future. Really proud of Sujay Montessori House of Children. All the best!
    Child Name : Rishika Menon (Mont 2)

  • This the best Montessori I have had for my daughter. It was the best decision I could make for her. The teachers are fantastic. The way her teachers have helped my daughter develop individually emphasis,self-discipline and respect towards others is really fantastic. The loving environment is the key success of Sujay Montessori. Thank you, all the staff, for everything and special thanks to Sowbhagya mam.
    Child Name : Gunasiri (Mont 2)

  • I am very happy with the method you teach,your school made my first daughter English,Maths trouble less. I have made my second kid enroll your school shows I am satisfied.
    Child Name : Abhigna (Pre Mont)

  • The teaching and concepts are very useful to the child. The child develops independent thinking which is very advantageous. Very happy to be part of Sujay Montessori.
    Child Name : Diya Bhargava (Mont 1)